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Hi, I am John B. Wilson and I am the Owner of USETHEWOW.COM. We produce Professional Videos to be used on Websites, Facebook Pages and other uses such as You Tube. My Video Creator,  Evan N. Dunn has over 26 years of experience creating Professional Videos.  I have had an over 50 years in Business, first  as a Branch Manager and Broker for a large NYSE Firm. Previous experience of 12 years in Banking adds to My base. In addition over the years, I have worked in creating advertising for those Businesses as well as for Civic Organizations. People have always told Me that I have a creative talent, using that in this Business, allows Me to use that and have fun in helping others to promote their businesses .The two years of creating this Business has been valuable in learning how to meet those Client's needs.. I assure You that to be in The Securities Business, One needs to be trusted and honest.  That is the way that I have always led My Life !

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